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La marque Rivecour

Sliding your foot into a Rivecour shoe is feeling luxury at the tip of your toes. It’s a no-frills kind of luxury. ‘Le’ luxury, if you like. The kind that works its magic, seamlessly. Celui qui fait mouche, l'air de rien.

Classical styles - but often on the cusp of the classical - for a forever-fitting brand of elegance. Shades which change along with the seasons, a little off-beat, to bring a healthy shade to your step. Fine leatherwear (suede goat leather, soft calf leather…), a curve fine-tuned to your feet, for unparalleled comfort, and a sturdiness able to weather almost any weather.

Made in Portugal according to traditional methods to respect the values and ethics of the present day.

Women aren’t here to make concessions.

La marque Rivecour 2

Behind Rivecour lies Édouard Aubin, a fanatic of fancy shoes. His universe is inspired by the luxurious guesthouse in which he grew up. So he knows how to make you feel welcome, pampered, warm, he knows how to help you discover, be dazzled…

At Rivecour, as would happen in a small, exclusive hotel, a dedicated butler (a rarity nowadays) takes care of his clients. For extensive pampering, keep your ears peeled: he’ll whisper advice on elegance, reveal the most incisive gossip, send regular privileges in an email letter, he’ll even pop little treats in his packages.

There are whispers that if you want to wear the shoes of your dreams you need to start somewhere to make it come true.

Rivecour is no doubt the start of big things.

La marque Rivecour 2